Self Identity In Othello

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Humans often destruct themselves as a result of the stress they experience from an intense self-conflict or multiple self-conflicts. This stress with-in themselves is caused by a struggle in their confidence and self identity as a person. William Shakespeare brings this idea of self-destruction and self identity to reality using his play Othello. In this narrative the preeminent character faces the challenge of being a black male who becomes a high ranking military official in the army during a 16th century Italy. Even though the senate entrusts him with a powerful position, he still struggles with his self identity as a leader, a husband, and as black man. The racism and prejudice of 16th century Italy aimed at Othello compromises his sense…show more content…
This racism towards Othello is indicative of Shakespeare is having Iago lash out so early in the novel when he is the person who starts the killing and destruction. Shakespeare brilliantly uses the race of othello to gain power for Iago the the beginning of the novel. Ruth Nevo writes “The entire presentation of othello in the first act is geared to this perception of him, and it is in this light that both Iago’s contemptuous references to black rams and the barbary horses and othello’s exotic evocation of antres vast and deserts idle, his free unhoused condition and his descent from men or royal singe, become fully operative in the dramatic scheme.” (1) This statement perfectly describes the mood of the first act as this is when othello really becomes affected by his race and the racist comments that he receives even though he seems to not let them get to him the comments affect him a great deal. It may also be perceived as Othello believed everyone who told him wrong things, did he do this while he was coming to power in the military? And if he did how did he get to power by doing that. This reminds me of Simon believing everything the pig (Lord of the Flies) told him and trying to tell everyone else but ended up dying as he did, kinda like

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