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THOUGHT DIARY: A Tool for Self-Improvement

Our thoughts determine our moods and our behavior. Therefore, mood and thought monitoring is important for all of us to do for our emotional health and well-being.

In these four stages, using a wire bound notepad or a three- ringed folder with lined pages, write your thoughts as follows:

Step One: Be clear about what you want to focus on or the problem you want to resolve.

You may want to simply describe the issue in detail and divide the subject into three components: your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior.

Step Two: Describe the difficulty the problem is giving you in your life and the lives of others. Explain who or what is described as obstructing your personal happiness and
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Realize that the greatest danger to personal growth is to project the blame on to someone else. Take personal responsibility for what you need to do to change yourself and the situation. Decide what steps you will make to resolve the issue in terms of new attitudes and conduct on your part.

Step Four: Describe the steps you will take to make the necessary changes in attitudes, beliefs, and new behavior. Realize you are defining the new self that you hope will emerge from your own growth in relationships. Set some time frames for what you will do to start with new attitudes and behavior. Record how others react to this new you and then define how you go forward into the new person you want to emerge.

Keep your thought diary and record what is happening with your new efforts at taking positive initiative to make changes in your life. Share your diary with some very important person in your life and celebrate together the positive changes you are now experiencing in your life and relationships. Keep on growing and responding in a new and wonderful
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Maintains a core of strong values, supportive friends, and family

7. Adapts well to change and challenges in life

8. Feels a deep sense of positive self-worth and skill

9. Sees the importance of finding and maintaining the goal of living a life of holistic health in body, mind, and spirit.

What Prevents the Development of Emotional Health and

1. The Environment: The bad history of experiences with people, the family, school, or on the job, which creates tensions and depression.

2. Physical Causes: Body chemistry may play a part of our dysfunction, such as brain injuries, aging issues, accident and falls, etc.

3. Heredity: There is a clear relationship between heredity and some forms of mental and physical illness.

4. Crisis Events: The major changes that come to life: the death of close friends or family, a job loss, marriage failure, or financial crisis can trigger emotional upheavals and distress.

5. Overwhelming Stress: Circumstances that cause heavy frustration, enormous pressure, excessive demands, and moral conf lict can lead to emotional instability.

How Do We Maintain Emotional Health and Wellness?

1. Talk it out with someone you trust.

2. Get away to ref lect, meditate, and

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