Self-Improvement Goals

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Self-Improvement Goals 1. Stop procrastinating over my homework and organize my time better. 2. Begin to make new friends at school this year. 3. Read more books during my free time at home and at school. 4. Become a better potter by learning new techniques to sculpt clay. 5. Expand my vocabulary to become a better writer. 6. Become fluent at speaking Spanish. 7. Develop neater penmanship. Education and Career Goals 1. Pass all of my classes this year with a 90 and above. 2. Pass all my regents exams and FLACS exam with an 85 and above 3. Join the National Honor Society. 4. Graduate High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma and with honor cords. 5. Get a decent score on my SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam of a 2100. 6. Attend
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