International Law And Self-Interest Essay

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Since International law has been the foothold of the International Arena, many problems apropos of its essentiality have risen. The applicability of it regarding the different issues on the relationship between states is now being challenged. Consequently, the nature of a state assesses the cooperation on international relations because each of them has something that they want and it is what we call self-interest. This essay aims to discuss how international law faces the current problems and how it affects the relations between the states by scrutinizing the context and issues behind it. It will also fare about the aforementioned argument as something we should know and recognize. The international arena composes of different states that have different beliefs. With that in mind, the Hobbesian environment emerges, a place where disorder is common. It is in nature of human to intuitively desire something that will make them powerful and above someone else and there is no law preventing them to do such thing. Under this kind of contexture, humans live in ceaseless fear of one another. They thought that the only way out is by coming together to make a law that will bind them so that peace will be attained. As a result, many international institutions have…show more content…
Before then, states have been in an environment where disorder is common. Human nature prevails on them for self-interest was what in their mind all along. We cannot argue that we still practice this kind of surrounding. That is why international law greatly aided every state to prevent the Hobbesian Nature. It was the reason why there is cooperation with almost all the nations despite of the global trends and current issues because it binds us together in order for us to solve it. Thus, the international law is still essential to every state and individual because without it, we may be in a world of confusion and

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