Self Leadership: The Transformational Journey Of Self-Leadership

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Self-leadership in its basic form is the leadership of oneself. However, how one leads themselves and if they do so effectively determines whether their leadership journey will become a transformational one (Neck, Manz, & Houghton, 2017). This transformational journey of self-leadership must begin by discovering one’s vocation, mastering mindfulness, and feeding one’s curiosity as these three tools lay the foundation from upon which to build.
Self-leadership is how one influences themselves to achieve their goals or objectives. It is grounded in behavioral and cognitive strategies and “addresses not only how but also what and why” to aid in positivity and productivity (Neck et al., 2017). By focusing on how to lead, what we
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Rick Lytle explains it is “God’s call for us in all aspects of our lives” (2011). An individual’s vocation is a powerful catalyst, guiding the person in their understanding of self and their place in the world. Whether it is a religious call or a secular one, a person’s vocation is what makes their life meaningful; it is what makes life worth living (UM News Service, 2011).
Role of vocation in self-leadership. Without knowing one’s vocation, effective self-leadership is not possible. We best lead ourselves when we lead with a purpose. Otherwise, we run the risk of leading aimlessly. To effectively self-lead, one must define their purpose and how that purpose is to drive them in their leadership of self. It is the leader’s choice whether they are going to lead with their purpose. Leadership is the act of motivating people to greatness. Inspiration drives greatness; it adds value to the lives of others around you. (ACU, 2011). This is true of the self as well. If one does not inspire themselves to greatness, then it will never be achieved, nor will the individual’s purpose be uncovered. Leading oneself requires knowing your purpose or vocation because it is what ultimately “guides your [self-leadership] journey” (Professional Development Training, 2013). The self-leader has the choice, lead with purpose to reach the ultimate goal or attempt to continue without such a guiding
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In relation to self-leadership, curiosity requires more than showing interest, is also requires challenging yourself to expand upon it to further develop yourself (Kashdan, 2004). Curiosity allows “us to be more open-minded, flexible, and non-assuming,” three factors which also impact our overall well-being. I choose to lead myself with an open-mind, to look at situations and other people’s actions without any preconceptions. I am curious about the feelings, inner workings, and drivers behind every action, choice, and invention. There is a reason behind everything and every choice. My curiosity forces me to not only consider these factors but to expand and learn from
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