Self Leadership Theory Analysis

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Self‐leadership theory extends concepts of self‐management.(Manz and Sims, 1980, Manz, 1986; Neck and Houghton, 2006).It is a process to understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses. (Walumba et al., 2008). Also, it is the practice of influencing one’s thinking, feeling and behaviours to achieve goals.(Bryant & Kazan, 2012).

The following concepts of self-leadership are reprsenting the therories. They are Constructive thought pattern strategies, Self Imposed strategies, World Alerting strategies, Natural Reward strategies, Team Self Leadership.

Constructive thought pattern strategies (Christopher P. Neck, Charles C. Manz, 2010) is to change one’s mind set for increasing the ability of self-leadership. Beliefs, Imagined experience and self
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Neck, Charles C. Manz, 2010) are talking about to strengthen one’s qualities in order to be self-led. It requires purpose examination, self-observation, self-goal setting, self-reward and punishment, and practice. For example, Mary wants to win in a debating competition. She needs to identify her goal is to win the competition. Then she may speak too slow and then she can set a goal that is to speak faster. Throughout these processes, she may set up a self-reward and punishment scheme. For instance, she may buy herself chocolate if she can meet her target and practices ten more times if she cannot. The important component is practice. She needs to keep practicing until the competition ends. This concept is to strengthen one’s self-leadership through self…show more content…
I thought the examination should be difficult before I had it. However, I tried to imagine the successful scenes of the HKDSE. I remembered these imaginary scenes to motivate myself to achieve the goal. I tried to rely on them and convince myself that I could get a satisfied result in HKDSE and enter a local university. This method prevented me from giving up. If I did not go through this positive mind developing process, I would possibly be frustrated and could not motivate myself to study hard for the HKDSE. It was important that resigned my mind and got the motivation. Therefore, I could be the leader of myself and not affected by the external factors but only true to
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