Self Leadership: Three Phases Of Self-Leadership

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APSS1L01 Tomorrow’s Leaders
Individual Paper

Name of the student: Lo On Ying (Iris)
Student ID: 14080666D
Date of the Class: Friday
Time of the Class: 0830-1120
Group Name: 830
Lecturer of the class: Miss Edvina Leung After exploring the definitions of self-leadership made by different scholars, our group came to recognize that self-leadership involves self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, sense of responsibility, self-influence etc. In our presentation, we introduce two ways to promote self-leadership and derived a model that integrates the components associating with self-leadership, which consists of 3 phases: forethought, performance, and self-reflection. This model gives an abstract on the self-leadership
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At first, I felt it difficult to start with and was unmotivated. I asked my parents for advices and they suggested me to set goals so that I could follow the steps. Therefore, I carried out behavioral-focused strategies to motivate myself and set a goal about joining the athletics team. To achieve so, I forced myself to enhance my physical fitness by doing simple exercises such as rope skipping, jogging and sit-ups for 4 days a week. Then I set a goal about entering the finals in 1000m in the next inter-school athletics competition. I planned to enhance my running speed within three months. For example, reducing half a minute within a month. During this performance phase, I was stressed because I also had to compete with other teammates to fight for the opportunity to join the competition as each school can only send two students for each race. However, instead of treating them as enemies, I actively invited them to train with me, as I believed that training together was more fun then training alone. At this point, that was when my “managers” started working on suppressing the feeling of stress. Meanwhile, natural-rewarding strategies were also used because I found that training with others itself brought positive effects to me. Since I was training with others, others would spot my weaknesses, such as not enough strength to lift my legs high that…show more content…
Moreover, I noticed that self-leadership is really crucial as it facilitates us to achieve goals of all aspects, no matter in career, academic or health. Self-leadership cannot be achieved by only knowing the theories. You may say concepts like self-observation, self-management and self- reflection etc. are easy to understand, it takes time to process self-leadership in real situation. Being as university students, we are the one who support and change the society into a better one in the future. Therefore, we must learn and master self-leadership before leading a

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