Credibility And Personal Values

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Credibility is your reputation for being trustworthy- trustworthy is performing your work with excellence; to care about those you work with and for; to live high ethical, corporate and personal values; and to deliver on your promises. Competence relates to your proven set of skills and knowledge to accomplish business tasks. Others will judge you by your track record of success. Caring shows that you will act in the interests to to others, cultivate a sense of community and demonstrate accountability to others. Character shows that you will advance to high personal, corporate, and business values. You can be accounted on to do the tight thing. Cardon, P. (2013). Character in the workplace sets the tone for how your small business operates.…show more content…
Long (2018). References Cardon, P. (2013). Business communication: Developing leaders for a networked world. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Long, Nicole (2018) Correct Answer: n/a ********************************************************************************************************** 3. Explain the FAIR approach to evaluating ethical business communications Student Answer: Fair Test if Ethical Communication helps examine how well you have provided the facts; how well you have granted access to your motives, reasoning, and information; how well you have examined impacts on stakeholders; and how well you have shown respect. Cardon (2013). Socially responsible business practices aim to benefit not only the owners of the company but the community and the natural environment in which the business operates. In theory, socially responsible business practices should be a market advantage, because many consumers would prefer to do business with companies they consider ethical. However, consumers often do not have…show more content…
This movie main character is Eddie Murphy, and the production was made in 2012. In this movie Jack McCall , whom Eddie Murphy acted as was a fast talker. Jack often told lies to any and everyone to get his way, or make others feel as if they could get what they wanted. Another thing that Jack had done often was to speak of himself in a highly way and never thought about others. The last guy that Jack had told a lied to had cursed him. His name was Dr. Sinja, and he was a very spiritual person. Jack went to visit Sinja to persuade Dr. Sinja to sign with him so he can help publish his book, and to where he could make a lot of money off him . While Jack was visiting Sinja, Jack had touched a tree, which stuck him as he touched it. With Jack touching, the tree poked him and then had Jack blood DNA on the tree. This had made Jack and the tree spiritually connected. Once Jack and the tree had gotten spiritually connected, the tree magically appeared in the back of Jack's home once Jack got home. Shortly after the tree had appeared, Jack noticed how the tree would lose its leaves anytime that he would talk. He was cursed. The leaves on the tree would fall off anytime he would speak or write down his thoughts down on paper. The purpose of the leaves falling off represented how many words that Jack was limited to say. That's why the movie is called A Thousand Words. Jack had to limit and he chose when and whom
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