Self Occeptance In Gary Soto's 'La Bamba'

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Self-acceptance is the satisfaction of oneself regardless of one 's past choices and behaviors. It is the understanding of one 's strengths and weaknesses. When one has self-acceptance they feel joyful and worthy of happiness. Self-consciousness is a wonted feeling for any middle schooler to have. The way people perceive them is extremely important to a middle schooler. In Gary Soto’s “La Bamba” he uses characterization, symbols, and conflict (man v. man/man v. self/ man v. nature) to represent the theme: One does not have to constantly worry about how people perceive them self; one is great the way they are. First, the characterization in “La Bamba” supports the overarching theme. In fact, Manuel constantly worries about his appearance in aspirations of gaining acceptance from students and adults. Soto explains, “How do I look?” Manuel asked. He cleared his throat and started moving his lips…show more content…
Finally, Soto uses Conflict (man v. man/man v. self/ man v. nature) represent the main theme. In fact, others besides Manuel struggle to be embraced and embrace them self. Soto explains,” Benny was going to play the trumpet in spite of the fat lip he had gotten playing football.” Benny plays the trumpet even though his lip may look odd. This connects to the theme because he 's not worried about how others will perceive him and is still doing his act in the talent show. This is man vs man because Benny is pushing past his feeling of unworthiness. Soto also says,”He didn’t know what to do except bow to the audience, which applauded wildly, and scoot off the stage, on the verge of tears. This was worse than the homemade flashlight. At least no one laughed then, they just snickered.” Manuel pushes through the embarrassment as he walks off the stage. Although he is close to tears, he is able to not let them gain the best of him. He soon learns that nothing is wrong and everybody loved his show. This connects to the theme because Manuel is trying not to worry about everyone hating
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