Modern Ideal Family: Self-Presentation Theory

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In order for the researchers to get data that will help in attaining the objectives of this study, the method and instruments will be qualitatively designed as the study intends to understand the mediated images of Team Kramer as shown in their TV advertisements and Facebook account. The following theories will be used in the study of A Textual Analysis on the Mediated Images of Team Kramer as a Modern Ideal Family: Self-Presentation Theory and Star theory.

Self-Presentation Theory
In the chapter of a book entitled Self-Presentation Theory: Self-Construction and Audience Pleasing by Roy Baumeister and Debra Hutton (1987), it stated that self-presentation is behavior that attempts to convey some information about oneself or some
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The way they present themselves in social media can also dominate the way they behave themselves in the real world. It can influence the way the peopleact virtually in their social media accounts. They might either elevate or damage their identity in connection with their social images. On the other hand, in an article entitled Managing social images in naturalistic versus laboratory settings: Implications for understanding and studying self‐presentation by Mark Leary, Ashley Batts Allen and Meredith Terry (2011), they stated that many self‐presentational behaviors become routine or habitual and, thus, can operate without people consciously managing their impressions. People used to do things that can make them feel good and desirable to other…show more content…
(pg. 38) Dyer also suggested that this theory develops into a certain admiration or idolization that audiences can relate to their lives, admire and share with them. (pg. 39) Stars are also the one who composes the basis of probably the larger part of the daily discussion between films and film books which make as fan material for an individual.(pg. 39)
Dyer (1979) proposed that a star, as an image and not the real person that is constructed out of a range of materials like in magazines, newspapers, televisions, programs as well as in films. In films studies, two different concerns are included by studying stars; sociological and semiotics. In sociology, stars are being remarkable, domineering or notable and extraordinary individuals. In this perspective, film is important because stars are considered the most essential factors for it to appeal to the target audiences. Meanwhile, semiotics reverses it in sociological approach stating that stars' significance results to the film's characterization. (pg.
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