Self Reflection And Self Evaluation

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This report will examine two program learning outcomes that I believe I possess, which are communication and teamwork. The extent to which I possess these skills will be proven through analysing evidence from self-assessments and particular incidents that illustrate either the strengths or weaknesses of these skills. In addition, this report will also use this information to devise SMART goals that I can work towards achieving throughout the semester to further improve the areas of weakness.

Self – Reflection

When reflecting on my teamwork skills, I drew on evidence from the completion of a number of self- assessments. One of these self- assessments determined my overall attitude to teamwork and revealed that I scored 44/50 points. This result indicated that I have a positive attitude towards team work as seen in appendix a. In addition, the results of the second self- assessment determined my conflict management style. The results of this assessment can be found in appendix b and revealed that I scored the highest points on the accommodating tactic, suggesting that I minimise differences and highlight similarities in order to please other people.

I believe that my strength in terms of teamwork is cooperation. As my-self assessments found, I tend to use the accommodating conflict style, which encourages cooperation. However, using the accommodating conflict style can also result in you placing too much focus on the people, rather than the task. For

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