Psychodynamic Approach To School

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1. Looking back at my initial choice to return to school following years of working, it was not a very definite or clear-cut plan. Rather, it was a choice I made to “see where things go.” At the end of the academic year, I hope to have “settled” back into life as a student as I would have finished most of the courses required to get into my chosen faculty. By the end of the academic school year, I will be more prepared to handle and cope with the demands and expectations of post secondary education. On a fundamental level, I envision myself to have a clearer mind, a better self-awareness, and the emotional and mental stability to continue forward. Rather than thinking to myself: “we will see where things go but let’s hope for the best,” I will…show more content…
(& Question #7) As my current issues are less about technical abilities and more related to mindset, there are several concepts I can relate to the most. The psychodynamic approach is a concept I identify as being the most useful to myself. Admittedly, this assignment has been challenging to write as it has forced me to reflect on my actions and behaviour as a student. It has made me reflect and hesitantly acknowledge some traits and habits. The psychodynamic approach acknowledges that people are often complex and paradoxical beings. More specifically, the four premises of the Clinical Paradigm acknowledges the complexity of an individual’s subconscious, asserting that understanding motives and reasonings will aid in foreseeing and controlling them (Northouse, 2016). Another concept, the behavioural approach and more specifically task behaviour, will aid in helping me understand how I address tasks relating to academics. In addition, as the behavioural approach is also composed of looking at relationship behaviour which pertains to how one feels about themselves, I believe this is also relevant. The final concept most useful to me is the concept of adaptive leadership. As previously mentioned, perhaps one of the issues that is keeping me from being the best I can be is due to my struggles of adapting. As previous habits have become engrained in my personality, this has become my “comfort zone.” To tie in all the concepts, I believe that a better understanding of my…show more content…
Reflecting on my actions will be central in improving and changing current practices. It is apparent that my main obstacles to my end-of-academic-year goals are not due to lack of skills and ability to achieve my goals, but rather, to find the motivation, and drive to do what needs to be done. Information is key, and having awareness of my own thought process will give me the ability to find solutions to problems. This means actively acknowledging moments when negative thoughts overpower positive ones, and attempting to address them. At the same time, I will continue to cultivate positive skills, believing firmly that there is always room to

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