Self Reflection Essay

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Everyday people are constantly constructing Gestalts about those they meet and interact with. People are trying to determine the sort of influence that you could potentially have on their life whether it be positive or negative (McCornack, Chap. 3, Constructing Gestalts). According to Amaeze, she has seen me as “dependable, caring, and kind”. Overall, Amaeze says that I’m “always willing to help others.” Reflecting on this, I think I am seen this way because I feel the need to meet others expectations of me. Although, I can’t help what everyone will think of me, I always want to leave a good impression. I strive to be that person you can come to whenever you are having problems. I desire to be that base of support to others. This stems all the way back into my childhood. When I was younger my parents were constantly working. So, they had to rely on me to do certain things around the house and for my siblings. For instance, making sure the chores are done and helping my siblings do their homework and school, etc.…. Sometimes, If I wasn’t on top of those tasks then anything I missed fell back on my parents. Who sometimes we too tired after they came home to deal with the stress at home. So, if they became even more stressed or angry that meant I failed at what I am supposed to do. I would have this image in my head on what I should be able to accomplish and do. However, the reality of the situation I wasn’t perfect. I tried to create an “ought self.” Which has stemmed up

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