Self Reflection

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Evolution of natural systems normally takes place via branching when the system goes far from equilibrium or becomes unwieldly. The branch which comes into equilibrium with the surrounding forces survives and prospers. Coming into equilibrium with inner and outer realities, I called it peace, also means actively interacting with one’s self and surrounding environment i.e. sun, wind, atmosphere and gravity. Most of the time we are psychologically uneasy because conflicts within the self and with surroundings. These conflicts are at unconscious level, we all are not conscious about it but it is experienced by all. Conflict can be resolves by being aware and coming in terms with self, surrounding environment and corresponding forces. Many times I observed that my actions contradict with my intention which furthers my inner conflict. This happens because of false self mask. I identified murky and unpurged side of myself. I often find myself trying so assiduously to avoid knowing self (unconscious self) and to keep others from knowing my self. We always try to behave or act what is expected by others. We never express our true self. We press it down, pushing it in, keeping it from expression. I take something that seems scary, unappealing or unpleasant and conditioned to assure myself that under no circumstances will be hold it up for personal reflection or show it to others. Sometimes I do not acknowledge some my thoughts, ideas because it is not normative or usual. I

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