Self Reflection For Air Force

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Throughout my Air Force career, I have taken advantage of many opportunities to reflect on my personal development. I have had to take a step back and evaluate myself many times. This self-evaluation has surfaced when I promoted to higher rank, was put into greater supervisory positions and always when I moved to different work centers. I do this because I want to learn from my mistakes and create a successful career path so that I can say I did everything in my power to make the Air Force better. My first supervisor always told me, “Leave something better than when you found it.” Throughout the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, I have realized that I need to strive to be a better leader. The course has opened my eyes to what type of…show more content…
All Airmen that work under my supervision will know why we come to work every day. I will make sure that my subordinates have all the help they need to become proficient at their job. I will ensure that all members of my section are included in the work center’s tasking. I will foster a work environment that invites new ideas to make our job easier and more effective. They will understand that their contribution to them team plays a big part in determining whether we succeed or fail. This will motivate my subordinates to make sure that they involve everyone on our team. They will do this because they will realize that we are a more productive and efficient force when we work together. The employment of the Five C’s within our team will make us successful in everything we do. Our team’s success will make them establish trust in me as their leader. They will not doubt my decisions because they will realize that my vision has allowed them to prosper. This will motivate my Airmen to work harder because at the end of the day, they know I have their best interest in mind. I will lead by example and make sure that I am competent in all the tasks that I expect them to do. They will know that I am not just as a person in charge, but a mentor that truly cares about his

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