Self Reflection In Business Management

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This reflective essay aim to explain myself experience and self-reflection when I working in Business management experience simulation module. This special challenge aim to make virtual decision to simulation actual company operate situation and competitive with other group to make more profit. this challenge give us opportunity to using our learnt knowledge and show potential management ability. However, in fact, our group result make us felt disappointing so that this essay will indicate our shortages and which ability we need to developed in actual management.

Firstly, as a team work that team needs a superior leader to guarantee working successful. The leader does not need to be the smartest of the team, but must be the most authoritative
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I thought this is the hardest competency of this challenge. Nearly zero management experience let us need learnt from zero basis. In 4 periods simulation, we tried to figure different unfamiliar financial problem out step by step. Aim to chase the maximum profit that we got lots of wrong decisions which are huge blows. However, that also are opportunities for us. Get the financial information from our last period income statement and balance sheet, at beginning we only use alone company operation profit to measure operate situation. Thought the challenge became deeper we learnt use market share and present asset value to evaluate the performance of our company. Same as Rome was not built in a day, financial awareness cultivation need accumulate abundant working experiences. For management business, financial awareness not only reflect the external phenomena of financial affairs correctly, but also correctly reflect the essence and law of financial affairs. The active role of financial consciousness is also reflected in that financial consciousness can counteract the objective things, guided by correct thoughts and theories, through practice to promote the development of objective things. The business management experience is an important opportunity for me to improve my financial awareness, meanwhile that is a challenge for applicate my learnt knowledge in actual work. Therefore, this experience help me familiar with management work and make me more
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