Self Reflection In High School

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Senior year of high school is a time full of planning for the future, anticipating college acceptances, and experiencing many lasts. On my last first day of high school I was pleasantly surprised when walking into my fourth period english class. Stood before me was a cheerful and enlightening teacher I would learn much more than just literary analysis from. Ms. Burke, this semester you have taught me the beauty of self-reflection and why it is beneficial to becoming the most genuine and honest person I can strive to be. Throughout the semester, my self reflections became much more candid because I transformed from a disorganized procrastinator to a goal-oriented student, who may still procrastinate a little, but is working on lessening it. I realized the benefits of truly assessing one’s own strengths, weaknesses, and other factors that attribute to my work ethic, daily life, and perception of the world around me and made changes to better equip me for my future as a student and as a human being.
During junior year, I applied for a role in the marching band leadership at school and had to list my strengths. This proved to be a difficult task for myself, so I sought to discover what set me apart from my peers and has acted as an advantage in my educational journey in high school. During this semester, I have noticed that I am a self-motivated leader. I do not need a teacher or even another student to take charge of a group in order to complete a task such as a project or

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