Self Reflection Of Leadership

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For this Leadership Challenge, I wanted to focus meticulously on finding out truly what my leadership style is. I had the luxury tto go back once upon time and reflect on my life the past ten years. By achieving on finding out my style, I looked upon my experiences from high school to the present day. It was a neat process for me because it allowed me to really know who I am as a person, but better yet as a future leader. Through my research, I started by seeking at my past professional assessments, work and personal experiences, my surrounding resources such as having a career coach, my fellow colleagues, my global experience, and my family and friends. In addition, my leadership challenges look on how crucial it is to have self-reflect often,…show more content…
I wanted to start off my defining what leadership is. According to our book, Leadership in Organizations, it states that leadership is “the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable other to contribute forward the effectiveness and success of the organization…” (House et., 1999, pg.184) I liked this definition of leadership by this author because it truly fits what I think a leader should be affiliated with. Also, the book states that characteristics of being a leader are your traits (motivates, personality), Integrity, confidence and optimism, skills and expertise, leadership behavior, influence tactics, attributions about followers, and beliefs and assumptions. Moreover, along with my research I found some inspiration from the book,The Leadership Challenge, by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. It illustrates evidence-based research on how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations. This book has countless of inspiring stories of leaders using Kouze’s and Posner’s ideas of leadership in their organization and being extremely successful from it. Authors, Kouzes and Posner aim to help leaders engage in the best practices presented in their book, in order to strengthen and grow their leadership skills and abilities. It is simple to use because many people can relate to it. Most importantly, this book has survived throughout so many years due to leadership not being a fad, and not going out of fashion. Leadership always can be obtained, developed, and

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