Self Reflection On Classroom Management

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Name: Kate Harney Module: ED6331 School Placement: Research and Professional Experiences Portfolio A Student Number: 112428502 Degree: Professional Masters of Education Lecture: Dr. Alicia Curtin Date: 30/09/15 Title: I’m starting with the wo-man in the mirror, I’m going to reflect on my ways. - How through active self -reflection on classroom management I can help improve the quality of my students learning by managing disruptions more efficiently and refocusing their attention to the lesson quicker. Description: I experienced a critical moment during a PowerPoint presentation describing famous people ranging from Disney characters to celebrities. The activity required them to use adjectives to describe the person in a sentence; such as Simba is sad when he abandons the pridelands. I made my error when the infamous Kim Kardashian was to be described by a first year student. Up one of the boy’s hands shot “Miss I have a describing word – she’s sexy miss”. What was I thinking! Rationale: This precise incident made me want to reflect further on classroom management because in all honesty it was the only time so far that an incident of this calibre had occurred. I believe classroom management issues can be the most unpredictable and challenging, unlike lesson plans, differentiation, resources and more; you cannot plan for these incidences. You need to respond instantly and think on your feet, my first move

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