Self Reflection On Personality

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Self-reflection based on Psychoanalytic Theory Theories of Learning and Personality – CIA I Aravind K [I MPHR -1537502] Christ University Introduction The Psychoanalytic perspective was first explained by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian, who was a neurologist by profession, but made major contributions to the field of Psychology. His ideas and concepts were different from the psychologists of that era, and looked to analyze within oneself rather than the external behavior. The primary focus was on the unconscious/sub-conscious, which were based on his own childhood experiences, using which he formulated the different psychosexual stages. According to Freud, all actions were a result of an internal drive, which gets incepted at a very early age and thus establishes a certain personality type, much before adulthood. His ideas found popularity a little after his demise and was carried forward by his family and subordinates, which helped various other researchers to use this perspective in order to conduct research, and in turn formulate their own findings. The following section would be my self-reflection based on the Psychoanalytic concept, using my life experiences as the base. Self-reflection In my opinion, I am someone who tries to maintain a calm exterior aura, despite what is going on inside my mind. I find this approach to be a feel-good one, as the society generally tends to have a good opinion about me. However, I it would be false if I say that I

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