Social Work Self Reflection

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Over the semester I have learned many new aspects of social work that have helped deepen my understanding of what social work is really about. This course has taught me things that will help me become a better person and will also help me with my future working with children. Self reflection is a key skill to have when working in social work. We need to understand how we are, and our social location, influence everything we do with social work. My beliefs and values would be beneficial for being a social worker because I have a caring no judgment, personality that allows me to be a neutral and to listen to people. I respect all economic and social backgrounds. I strongly believe that everyone has a right to have their own voice and for their…show more content…
Before, I took this course my only interest for my future career was for becoming an elementary school teacher, but throughout taking this course I realized that I am interested in becoming a social worker as well. Being exposed to the content in this course, if I were to become a social worker in the future I would be interested in working with troubled youth and incarcerated youth, to help put them on the right path and to make sure that they do not end up spending their lives constantly being trouble or spending their lives being locked up. I have always had an interest with people who are incarcerated and watching documentaries about jails/prisons, and working with children but lecture four ‘The professions of social work’ engaged my interests even more because during the lecture child protection and the criminal justice system were talked about, not in great detail but it still engaged my interests because during that moment I realized if I became a social worker I would want to work with troubled youth and incarcerated youth because I would be working with the child to ensure that they strive to have the best life possible for themselves. For academic purposes, one theory that I would be interested to learn more about in my academic future would be the psychodynamic theory, although I have learned about this theory in my other classes as well, I still find it one of
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