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As a hispanic in America, I view my ethnicity as signifying independence and self-determination. Although my parents were hard workers, they only spoke and, therefore, taught me spanish. My inability to communicate in the local language made me an outcast at school. Luckily, since I was young, I learned the English language quickly. Although it would have been easier if English were my first language, I would not change it for anything. I am proud of my Hispanic heritage and if my parents were to have known English, I would not be who I am today. Growing up, I never had the help of my parents with homework or studying; since my homework was in English, I taught myself. This has given me the independence that makes me who I am today. I am in charge of my own education and am capable of doing tasks on my own. I have learned that with hard work and determination, I can succeed on my own. I have also learned that to prosper in life, one has to be a well-rounded individual. As my educational career flourished, I began to work on other aspects of myself, such as leadership, service and character.
The aforementioned traits have equal importance in the molding of each individual, and if one goes unused, it may destruct the equilibrium found in using them all. These traits are interdependent and in utilizing them, a person can establish a great foundation for becoming a successful leader. A leader, by definition, is to be a guiding or directing head of a group. Leadership skills are

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