Self Reflection Paper On Sleep Habits

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College students are known to struggle with managing sleep, play, school and work. With school and work taking up the majority of their time, it’s hard for college students to get a healthy amount of sleep every night to perform at their best. Most college students don’t know how many hours of sleep they get per day. Using MATLAB and a 21 days study of sleeping habit that records the wake time, bed time, hours of sleep, minutes to sleep, day and night caffeine uses, alarm uses, minutes napped, and Standford Sleep Index, we can have a deeper understanding to sleep, and how to reflect on the study to improve ourselves. Sleeping is important to the well-being of human health. Each person have a different sleep habit than the other, one group requires less sleep while the other requires more, one group goes to sleep early while the other go to bed at dawn, one group requires caffeine to function properly during the day, while the other would rather have a good night sleep. Why do we require sleep is still currently unknown to science today, but we know that we all have a different sleep pattern. The class CS1173 at the University of Texas at San Antonio conducted a study using the sleep diary over the period of 21 days to survey the sleep habit of the staff and students across all sections of the class to provide the data necessary for the research, and also self-reflection on how we sleep. College students are known to have the most problematic sleep habit due to the hectic

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