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Self-reflection involves processes that occur after learning efforts and influence a learner's reaction to that experience (Dunlosky, 2009). Through the self-reflection, people can analyze their own cognitive processes, their own perception, actions, and behavior gain a better understanding of themselves and of their role addressing in the workplace (Leonard, 2002). This activity is part of our future strategies for dealing with different situations where we need to direct our action plans during self- directed learning (Ifenthaler, 2011). Based on the outcome of my self-reflection through applying the reflective framework to understand, how will I adopt different challenges in the first 12 months of my career.
Using a reflective
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My previous internship was based in Shanghai, China as an F&B Management trainee. The people that I work with in the hotel were mainly Chinese, and after sometimes I was aware of cultural difference in my workplace. One day F&B director approached me and questioned regarding the decision that I made during the morning shift. The case was a disability mother along with two kids in the restaurant taking the breakfast, she had an incident occurred few days ago, and that incident broke her ankle quite badly, therefore, wheelchair was the only thing that helps her move around. With the subconscious, I offered free room service for the rest of the stays immediately due to her inconvenient accessibility. However, the F&B director was not happy with my decision because of the unnecessary labor cost and works, and I should ask her before I made this decision. Based on research by Hofstede, that China has the highest ranking in the power distance, the subordinate-superior relationship tends to be polarized and there is no defense against power abuse by superiors. Therefore, in order to approach her, I had to go through all the procedures, for instance, make an appointment with her assistant and according to the case matter she will decide the suitable schedule and so on. In this case, I decided to offer the guest in advance instead of going through the processes, because I do not want to keep her waiting and struggling in the
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