Self Refletive Speech: Self-Critique About Dreams

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Self- Critique My informative speech topic was informing my audience about dreams. Specifically, how we dream, why we dream, and what dreams mean. My strategy to stay organized during my preparation stage was to follow a well-organized outline using a main topic then following up that topic with smaller point to support it. I chose this topic because I am very interested in the subject of dreams. Personally, I dream a lot and have always been curious about the deeper meaning of my dreams. I analyzed my audience by even asking some of my friends, who college students if they too have wondered about their dreams. They answered yes. In addition, my audience were participating in my questions. So, I know it was relatable to them. I went about…show more content…
In addition, I also said the speech in front of a friend. However, I only did this once and it would have been more beneficial to do in front of my friend more. My delivery of my speech defiantly need some improvement. I did not make enough eye contact. I looked at my cards more than I should of. I also used words like “um” and “like a lot. It is very natural for me to use these words in normal conversations. So, I will have to work on fixing that habit. I also seemed to mess with my hair and sweater a lot. I am assuming this is due to nervousness. Wearing my hair up my force me to not touch it as much too. My organization was very well though. I was very clear and explained each topic in an order of relevance. My speech was relevant to my audience because research proves that every human dreams at least once a night. Overall, the strengths of my speech were my strong organization and strong supportive facts. Although, my weaknesses were word fillers, distracting movements, and not enough eye contact. Like I stated before, my speech preparation was not enough. Therefore, my delivery could have been…show more content…
First, I would like to maintain better eye contact. Second, I would like to avoid fillers like “um” and “like”. Third, I need to cut out any distracting motions. In order to increase my effectiveness, I think it would be a good start to recording myself as I’m practicing my speech. I believe this will help me realize what I should be mindful of not doing. In addition, I can tie my hair back to avoid distracting motions, like messing with my hair. I also will need to be better prepared and memorize my speech better to maintain eye contact. I do believe that my speech was very well adapted to my audience. I involved them by asking questions, I related the topic to them, and I have a strong curiosity about my topic. Therefore, I seemed interested and not bored with my topic. My goal for my persuasive speech is pick a topic that I feel very strongly about. I believe this will help me be more into my speech and I will do better overall. Then, my audience will be intrigued more about what points I am

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