Self Esteem In Women

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According to the participants, few of them reveals that there might be ideal levels of self-regard past which gives outcomes for women as well as inform how they are doing in their first year of marriage. Excessively, women deals with low levels of self-regard with dejection and self-overcoming behaviour including self-destructive ideation, however unreasonably high self-regard might be connected with haughtiness, selfishness, and even animosity (Shackelford, 2001). Most of women are familiar with the concept of momentum and / or dynamic. When they do something good, no matter how small to be task, they build positive energy and the necessary dynamics, which tend to be able to feed and energise other tasks on their list. For example, if women…show more content…
This means increase self-esteem implies some behavioural changes. The behaviour is changing with the practice and intent. Self-esteem is an accomplishment, a process that energises and gives women motivation. It's not something they have, but develops with the experience of the things they do. Self-esteem is the experience of being able to face the challenges and promote happiness. This shows that women build their self-esteem and establish themselves as the master of her own life. Every minute of her life is a moment that she can use to do things to improve. If she has been putting off a task or action for much of day, she must not beat herself up or penalise so, change her focus to the present and what she can do. She should start with the smallest thing she think she can cope with the most important task (Stone and Cooper,…show more content…
This is not to act as if the partner was absent and not place before or impose its partner's needs, but be perceived as being "different" and "unique" and consider the partner as a travel companion. According to the third participants, for nearly five years I began to have psychological problems with frequent panic attacks and anxiety attacks, waking several times in the hospital resuscitation room, without having any physical problem. I started attending Psychiatrists that I have been filling medications. It was a shame to have not found soon

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