Self Regulated Learning Research Paper

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Self-regulated Learning: A Compatible Concept

Husain Abdulhay
University of Kashan, Iran Abstract: Issue of self versus other is also diligently stressed and applied in education so as to put person at the helm of situation, not a pawn at the mercy of circumstances. In the same vein, this study aims to draw attention to a newly developed concept of learning which overemphasizes the role of individual learner in attunement of his thought, emotions and strategies to accelerate and escalate the extent of his acquisition. To do so, an overview of this new phenomenon known as self-regulated learning is given at first and evidence attesting to the fruitfulness and utility of such strategy is dispensed in the following.
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Research in educational domain is likewise exploiting this advancement by highlighting all aspects of individuals which are worth the investigation and consideration for an effective learning to occur. This prompted researchers to pedagogically extend an operational definition for self-regulated learning.

Learners are much more valued in the contemporary educational system in so far as their roles as the builders of knowledge are more gratified. SR is congruent with constructivism and learner-centered education. Self-regulated learning is in parallel with constructivist view of learning and teaching in that it puts learner at the epicenter of learning and construction of knowledge and, hence, it merits more heed in contemporary education. Constructivism underscores the importance of individual self in building meaning (Vygotsky, 1978). Learners act as an umpire of feeding inlet of knowledge to
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Al-Harthy and Was (2010) seal the positive direct effects of metacognitive self-regulation on deep learning strategies and on self-regulatory strategies.

Susimesta (2006) states that drawing a boundary line between cognition skills and strategies and metacognition skills and strategies is sometimes difficult. In an attempt to identify the theoretical and empirical boundary line between self-regulation, self-regulated learning and metaconition. Al-Harthy and Christopher, (2010) cited a study by Dinsmore, Alexander, and Loughlin (2008) that dissected 225 studies and concluded that metacognition is so pertained to cognitive orientation while self-regulation more to human action .

It should be mentioned that albeit the mecognitivley aware students show better performance and are more strategic learners than those less cognizant of (Zimmerman and Martinez-Pons, 1990), there is some inconsistency between findings in some researches. Study carried out by Pokay and Blumenfeld (1990) that showed the negative relationship between meatcognitive strategy use and achievement . To quote Zimmerman (1995), “it is one thing to possess metacognitive knowledge and skill but another thing to be able to self-regulate its use in the face of fatigue, stressors, or competing attractions” (p.

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