Self-Related Concussions In Sports

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Sports-related concussions might just be the biggest worry for any athlete at any level. Concussions are something that just about every athlete typically deals with at some point in their sports career. Everyone knows that injuries occur when you play sports, especially concussions,. Which can sideline an athlete for weeks or even forever. Many student-athletes have experienced this issue that can easily be resolved from informative training that is well organized. Many athletes have lost their lives because of untreated concussions that are not taking seriously. Concussions can be prevented or be reduced if we are required to go through intense and beneficial Training in high school. Concussion training can help athletes diagnose a concussion, …show more content…

Many athletes in the moment take this injury lightly which leads to reinjures in a short time span. Most people feel that they 're fine and are ready to get back into sports the following week after a concussion, which does no good for you and just leads to me damage. A mild concussion can sometimes be the worst because people feel fine and have little to no symptoms which are very common with a mild concussion. They think that since they don 't have many symptoms they 're healed and are eagerly ready to go back to playing, that is usually when most severe concussions happen. Being educated in concussions should be required just strictly based how common they are. Athletes are concussed around 2.5 million each year due to random events that happen at play which is a outstanding number. Learning how to treat yourself would be great because typically professional athlete are the only people around who have 24/7 trainers who attended to their every needs. Even though that 's true, self-treatment can still lead to much fast recovery time and less risk of permanent damage. Using improper and unsafe techniques while playing a sport are a very common reason why this head injure

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