Self Reputation In Lord Yvain's Pride

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Yvain in the beginning of the book is consumed with his own pride of self reputation, which causes him to lose his dearest love, the Lady of Landuc. As he sinks into madness for having lost his wife, due to his inner flaws he gets awaken from it by being baptized with liniment. The liniment gave him chance to reason again, thanks to the lady of Norison. With self alert he’s able to interact with the lion and there he begins his growth. With the lion by his side he roams the woods and finds himself helping Gawaiin’s relatives against the giant, Harpin whose in carnal lust with Gawaiin’s niece. When he goes up against the Harpin he is fighting his pride of self reputation, he doesn't give up his name due to that being what got him to drown in despair and depression in the first place. When he left his lady of Landuc, he left to add honor to his name and glory. “The lord Yvain, so I surmise from what I’ve heard won every prize.” on page 75, lines 2511-12. He let his need for more power dictate his life making him lose respect from others for breaking an oath of returning to his lady within a year. When he defeats the Harpin, with help from his jesus figure, Yvain is capable of not letting more glory burden his name.
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