Self Respect In Joseph Bruchac's Code Talker

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Self respect is one of the most foremost essential traits to acquire in life. “It is then that you can extend yourself out to meet the needs of others”( In Joseph Bruchac’s Code Talker, Ned Begay’s self respect is perhaps his most important attribute in that it allows him to stand up for himself, to pursue his goals, and to share his story.
Firstly, Ned Begay’s ability to stand up for himself is a crucial aspect of his self respect. When he is “left standing there, a sad little boy holding tight against [his] chest” he is clinging to his past life, tradition, and families (12). He tries to keep “[his] few belongings” close to him so that he could remember all his good memories with his family. Ned “Near the end of our time on Pavuvu, we all got together and had a sort if powwow” (171). Moreover, the ceremonial dance helps Ned to connect with his spiritual life. He
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He realizes the importance of telling the story “that happened to me and those like me” (1). Ned actions shows how he is taking the responsibility to tell a secret that was hidden for many years. Therefore, him being able to fully explain all that happened throughout his life shows that his self-respect is very high. Ned tells the story of “[his] people and of the strength that [they] gain from holding on to [their] language…”(214). Ned cares about not just himself, but uses his self-respect to spread the story of the code talkers to others. “Let our language keep you strong and you will never forget what it is to be Navajo” (214). In this passage, Ned’s self-respect shows how he is keen on spreading the message of the Navajos and their story. It also shows how when Ned discovered how important his Native Language was, he becomes stronger and more determined to remember and share his language. To summarize, Ned cares about not only himself, but uses his self-respect to spread the story of Navajo code talkers to
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