Self Respect In Society Case Study

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Required Questions I agree with this statement because you can have the best manners in all of society, but if people do not respect you and treat you as a lady then nobody will recognize your characteristics. People in this society need recognition from everybody, not just themselves. For example, Eliza only feels like a lady when pickering calls her “Miss Doolittle” because Pickering has addressed her the same way he would address a real lady and that was the “beginning of self-respect” for her (5.130). Eiza has learned good manners and now she knows that she speaks well, but she still feels like a lowly flower girl. She has always seen herself and been seen by society as unworthy and she always will feel that way because that is all that she has known. However, when her achievements are acknowledged and praised, she realizes that she is not seen as a lower class girl by society anymore and a little part of her believes that she is an equal. In today’s society, most people treat homeless people the same way that people would treat flower girls. People assume that all homeless people do drugs, drink, or gamble all of their money away so they are treated horribly. These people may be respectable people with good intentions and unfortunate luck ,but they are treated like trash because of a stereotype. According to the salvation army, most people are homeless due to poverty, unemployment, unaffordable housing, and poor physical or mental health which flipped their life
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