Self Security Assessment

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Olaseni Awotedu
Professor Mangle
AIT 655
25 May 2016 Self-security assessment
Working in the IT field made me utilize some policies I use at work in my personal life. Being employed in the IT field has made me aware of the many technology threats we face in today’s society. In order to mitigate some of these threats, I set security policies such as password requirements and rotation. I also constantly update hardware and software with the latest patches released. I set password policies on all my computers at home. I use the standard local security policy on window computers to set password specifications. In local security policy, I apply password expirations; it forces me to change my password every 30 days. I also set my password policy
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Microsoft regularly release security patches for its software product on the second and sometimes the fourth Tuesday of each month. I usually review all critical patches and see what software feature will be affected. I patch all critical patches as soon as possible to make sure that my computer is not prone to the vulnerability that were resolved in windows update. For my MacBook pro, I ensure that my Operating System is always up to date. I set my apple products such as my mac to automatically check for updates. When a new update is discovered, my computer prompts me to install the newest and latest versions. It also gives me a detail example of the new features, security features, or bugs fixed.
I keep up with all hardware updates such as drivers, the updated hardware can provide new features and fix bugs. I recently ran into an issue with my Microsoft surface pro not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. While troubleshooting, I discovered that the fix was to update the WLAN driver to the latest version. After performing this task, the issue was resolved. Updating drivers is an efficient way to guarantee maximum performance and reduce errors from
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I use the teachings from my job and what I learn in school to make a plan that fits into my environment. I plan for security is staying up to date with security and cyber security articles; I educate myself on new threats and vulnerabilities. One vulnerability that I recently discovered is how QuickTime has reached end of life on window computer. Meaning that the application would no longer get patched making it prone to vulnerability. My job has also taught me drills and exercises to perform when a computer is infected. These drills consist of isolating the infected computer by disconnecting it from the network. You would then scan the computer in safe mode using at least two different antivirus system to discover and clean the threat. Backup are also recommended so that files can be restored if infected. I also ensure that I have more than one back up and that at least one is not directly connected to the computer. File permission access is also set on all of my shared folders to ensure that no account has access to all

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