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What is Self-Talk?

Self-Talk is the ability to talk to your inner self or out loud based on an individual situation. It may have a positive effect or maybe an adverse effect on your choice of words. In simple terms, Self-Talk is those thoughts which you chant throughout the day.

Types Of Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk: On an average, our mind produces 40000-60000 thoughts every day, but most surprisingly 20 percent of these thoughts are positive, and the rest of them are the negative thoughts. As an example of Positive Self Talk is “I can do that work”. “I am Healthy and Strong.”

Negative Self-Talk: Negative self-talks are a big mess in our life, and it is something that we all do throughout the day. For an example, “I am not going to do so”, “I am fatty nobody likes me”. Are you able to recognize these questions?
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Have I accepted myself as it is?

This question relates to your physic and your mental abilities. Are you satisfied with that? Or you always feel like “I am fat.” “I am not good-looking?” etc., etc.


8. Have I forgiven myself and others unconditionally?

Do you practice forgiveness? Do you feel guilty for your works? Do you want to change that? There are plenty of things that we do every day in our life. Some of them are terrible mistakes, but you can always choose to be on the other side.


9. What is the happiest part of my life?

Most of the time asking these questions brings a smile to our face; suddenly a bad day turns into a good one. What’s your best memory that you always want to remember.


10. In 10 years now, am I able to remember what I did today?

Every single day is important in our life. If you are wasting a single minute, may in future you will feel guilty for that. Do something that makes a difference, and that you will remember throughout your life.

Remember our mind is the greatest gift that we have, if we take good care of it, then it will do such things that you haven’t imagined in your dreams
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