Self-Transcendence Theory

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Utility of The Theory in Education. In terms of education, self-transcendence theory is in the writings of nursing theorists who are influential in nursing education (). These writings share a common view identifying self-transcendence as a foundational concept for the nursing field (Smith & Liehr, 2014). All levels of education may use the theory in courses to support the care of the aging (Smith & Liehr, 2014). The art of acting with older adults at community senior centers is designed to develop more positive attitudes in nursing students (Chen & Walsh, 2009; Walsh et al., 2008). Guo, Phillips, and Reed (2010) asserted the need for hospice nurses to improve their abilities and attitudes toward older adults and their family caregivers related…show more content…
Implications of self-transcendence theory are pertaining to funding policy to ensure the development of specific standards of care. In addition, the integration of continuing education by regulatory agencies as professional development could be implemented to healthcare workers on the effects of illnesses. Moreover, policies regarding staffing models, time off, and work-life balance are positive considerations which influence a person’s affect. These influences based on the theory, including expansions of personal boundaries of the workforces inwardly, outwardly and temporally, and support groups where people can share feelings and emotions with others who understand or have similar emotions and experiences of workplace stress and…show more content…
The interpersonal self-transcendence factor in this theory explains the greatest amount of the variance in self-transcendence (Haugan et al., 2011). The intrapersonal self-transcendence factor covers the intrawork of self-acceptance, adjusting to one’s life situation, physical disabilities and one’s slower pace of life, letting others help and finding meaning in past experiences. This two-factor construct of self-transcendence provides a more complex investigation of the associations between self-transcendence and other essential human aspects. Self-transcendence and multidimensional well-being - interrelationships by utilizing advanced statistical analysis such as Structural Equation Modelling, the plausible causal relationships between self-transcendence and well-being have been examined (Haugan et al., 2012). This finding is noteworthy, implying that self-transcendence not only affects nursing home patients’ emotional and social well-being but their physical well-being as well, mediated by functional and emotional well-being. A separate investigation (Haugan et al. 2012) was undertaken to focus on the interrelationships between self-transcendence and a three-factor construct of spiritual wellbeing comprising meaning, peace, and faith (Canada

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