Selfies In The Digital Age

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Adam Levin describes selfie as “Selfie noun, informal (also selfy; plural Selfies): a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website” (Gerbaudo, 2015). However, in general Selfie can be defined as “a self-portrait photograph typically taken from mobile phones, digital camera and so.” Most of the selfies are shared on social sites such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so. Selfies can be taken on casual times and even at special occasion as birthday, parties, travelling with some personality and so. Selfies are taken with hand but now selfie sticks have been introduced which can be used to capture wider view in the lens. The selfies came into existence with…show more content…
The digital age has produced new phenomenon and created new scenarios especially, in the case of selfies the new and wide phenomena have taken place. The digital age has played its role in promoting selfies at various occasions and in routine time of life. In the modern age the social media sites have given new shape to human interaction and for that reason it is important to study many of its processes and involving elements. The social media users think upon the construction of their identity in the digital age. This is a turning point that people take view that selfies will construct their personal image as well as identity in the public. For the purpose of identity representation and so the new tools of digital age are being used and there are many new things involved therefore, the process of identity representation in digital age has become obscure one. There come into an interesting phenomenon which is that photographer is the subject of his/her own photo so, here subjectivity comes in to play its part in the scenario. This paper various aspects of the selfie and its relationship with personal identity, sociological and psychological aspects are also important to note in this phenomenon (Gerbaudo,…show more content…
This fact must also be recognised that selfies are more often taken on occasions such as; weddings where group selfie is taken. This phenomenon shows that selfies are not only for remembrance but there are more reasons for that just as creating one`s own position and attempting to show one`s importance and proper position through selfie. With regard to that, the posting of unattractive selfie photos has become common since 2010 the reason for that could be humours or many others. The digital media is changing human behavior in a number of ways and the common concepts will be disregarded as concerned with selfie when the underlying reasons and impacts will be investigated (Ngai et al,

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