Selfishness And Selflessness Vs Selfless

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The theories of love always have been an intensely spiritual affair that in its highest permits us to touch divinity. Love is the primordial urge and the basis of creation. Throughout the different stages of our lives, we receive and give love to so many different people. We experience the pleasures, and know well the pains that come with love. This love assumes many different forms in the phenomenal world and gives a variety of experiences to us. By experiencing all these stages and moments we have distinguished the difference between kinds of loves. We can understand the love we have for our pets is different than our love for our parents, loving a substantial other is not the same, as loving as grandparent. There is a difference between the love between friends, and the love within a relationship. While these forms of love keep changing based on one’s relationship, the Principle of Love remains unchanged.
Selfishness is construed as people who take for their benefit whereas Selflessness is determined by the act of giving. Selfish people might make life harder for others but it surely is for one’s personal benefit, while selfless people make life more gratifying for those around them. This is how many of us have distinguished between selfishness and selflessness. But what if we combine selflessness and selfishness with love? Generally speaking, selfless love gets a warmer welcome and is more widely accepted as good in comparison to selfish love. But do these two different
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