Selfishness In Heart Of Darkness

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Selfishness is caring more about yourself and getting ahead in your life than caring for others in life. The twentieth century in England was a very dark time, and the literature was a great representation of that. Inherent selfishness and greed are basic human traits that are prominently shown through the thoughts, actions, and words of those in twentieth century literature such as Heart of Darkness, “The Hollow Men”, and “The Soldier”. In Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, Marlow, the main character, travels to the Congo to do what at first seems like a good deed. He was going to work for a company that claimed they were making the area more civilized, but in reality, they were selfishly taking over the land while overworking the natives.…show more content…
The narrator of the poem said that if he died in a foreign country, that country somehow became better than it was before (Brooke 1275). That is a selfish way to think; it is selfish to believe that a death makes that area better because of where that person came from. The narrator felt that an English person would make the place “blest by suns of home”, meaning that that place was blessed by his death (1275). Also, this particular soldier speaks of “an English Heaven” (1275). He had such belief and want for a special “English Heaven” because he felt like because he was British that he was entitled to a separate Heaven (1275). The soldier selfishly felt as if there was a special place only for past English men. Selfishness, though thought of as harmless, is like a plague that affects the world. The greedy choices of one person can affect multitudes of people. From the Congolese people affected in Heart of Darkness to the meaningless lives in “The Hollow Men”, others were affected by the selfishness of other people. The selfishness shown through these twentieth century pieces of literature is also relevant to life in the current time. People in all eras make self centered decisions that can hurt
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