Selfishness In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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Man is undoubtedly kind hearted because they will always help others who are down and in worse condition than themselves. Man is instinctively selfless as well. They will put their protection and safety in jeopardy to ensure the well being of another individual. The nature of man is kind hearted and selfless. Others will argue that humans are actually selfish, and only do good for personal gain. Ultimately, however, human nature’s goal is to seek and care for an individual in peril or danger and to do anything needed and possible to help. No matter the situation or cost. Human nature has a kind, caring heart for others. Mark Twain would agree with this because, in his book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the main character, comforts his girlfriend, Becky when they are lost in an unexplored cave. Becky broke down quite often and "Tom tried to think of some way of…show more content…
Bernard Mandeville believed that man is “extraordinarily selfish, cunning, and stubborn" (Mandeville). However, he ignores the fact that even if man is selfish, that man will stand in the way of danger, to save another person. Man will put another human before him, fully accepting the dangers and costs that will come with it. Twain exemplifies this trait in human nature with Tom, once again. Tom is called to testify for a falsely accused man that has been charged with murder, and Tom was at the site, unnoticed when it happened. With the true murderer in the courtroom, Tom "was badly scared" (Twain 214) and conflicted on whether or not to tell the whole story, knowing that Injun Joe would without a doubt, kill him. "Tom began-hesitatingly at first" (Twain 216) and decided to put the wellbeing and condition of the falsely accused man before his own safety and life. Understandably, Tom only hesitated because he was very nervous and traumatized by the whole situation, as any 11-year-old boy should
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