Selfishness In Master Cat And Puss In Boots

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On the contrary, in the story, “Master Cat; Puss in Boots” Master Cat’s achievements comes from a place of selfishness which solely benefit himself and his owner. Master Cat successfully tricks the king into giving his owner, the Marquis de Carabas, a high position in society, simply because along with his owners high rank, Master Cat also gets a high rank and as much food as he wants. In the story, Marquis de Carabas complains, “‘But as for me, once I’ve eaten the cat and made a muff from its skin, I will surely starve to death’” (Perrault 46). Marquis de Carabas feels that he has no use of a lowly cat besides that of eating it and using it’s fur. Master Cat did not want to die, so in reply he tells him “‘Don’t be upset, master. just get me
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