Charlotte's Web Analysis

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In Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, a pig named Wilbur experiences a series of emotions through the story and his life is saved twice by two dedicated friends, Fern, the little girl and Charlotte, the spider. White achieves to show that life is intertwined with both good and bad. (Nodelman 126) White demonstrates a real friend will help you even if he or she has nothing to gain from doing so. With the care, love and sacrifice he receives from Fern and Charlotte, he has grown to be caring, kind and selfless person with strong determination.
White highlights that the experience of receiving selfless friendship from Fern and Charlotte makes Wilbur able to give selfless friendship. The friendship between Wilbur and Fern is more like a mother and child
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Winter reminds one of chilly wind and snowy ground, and it is also associated with isolation and loneliness. In this cold and unforgiving season, Wilbur spends his time and effort to take care of Charlotte’s egg sac. His effort is clearly manifested in the way he watches over the egg sac as if he is “guarding his own children” (White 175). Not only does he carefully place the egg sac in a “special” (White 175) and not any random place in the manure in order to keep it warm, he also keeps the egg sac warm with his breath on wintry nights. By contrasting winter with the warmth that Wilbur lavishes upon Charlotte’s egg sac, White effectively brings out Wilbur’s dedication and determination to take good care of the egg sac which in turn accentuates Wilbur’s kind and caring nature. The fact that Wilbur takes care of the eggs sac “[a]ll winter” (White 175) shows his commitment towards the delicate task of taking care of the egg sac. By beginning the paragraph with “[a]ll winter” (White 175), White puts emphasis on Wilbur’s determination and perseverance in taking care of Charlotte’s egg sac despite the extreme weather
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