Selflessness In Sports

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Selflessness is a trait I have on and off the court. I will put myself after everyone; to me, another person’s happiness is more important than my own happiness. Being selfless means being the best teammate there is. The article “13 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Being an Athlete” states, “As for selflessness, being on a team has taught me that you 're not the center of attention. Even if you 're the best player, there 's no glory when you 're at the top when you 're by yourself. The most selfless athletes who care for and trust their teammates are the ones that go down in history as the greats” (13 life lessons I’ve learned from being an athlete 2017). Even though, I strive to be the best, it’s no fun when you don’t have teammates behind you cheering you on. I can’t win a game by myself, I need help from my teammates. One way I show selflessness, is when I’m not having the best game and the coach pulls me, I don’t throw a fit and get mad at the coach. Some player get in their head once they get pulled and get angry with their coach and that’s not going to make the situation better. Pulling a player that is performing isn’t a punishment, it’s just a way for the player to settle down and get their head right again. I understand that it’s the best decision for my team if I get pulled because I’m not doing good. Being selfless is pushing yourself to be better for your team and coaches, its being the best teammate and supporter.

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