The Importance Of Philosopher Kings In Plato's Republic

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In Plato’s Republic, the philosopher kings are arguably the most important element of Plato’s idea for a utopian society, Kallipolis Philosopher kings are the ruling class of Kallipolis, rising to power after years of intensive education in all fields of study, but specifically in philosophy and politics. These years of education and training to become philosopher kings results in a virtuous and selfless ruling class that is dedicated to protecting the happiness of the community as a whole. Philosopher kings value truth and knowledge above all else, making them free from the temptations that entice those of lesser moral character, and thus establishing the philosopher kings as the only ones who can be trusted to rule. The idea of a ruling class such as the philosopher kings gives insight as to the ideals valued by Greek society and its thoughts pertaining to leadership. Greek society placed high merit…show more content…
This is evidenced by the quote, “Therefore each of you in turn must go down to live in the common dwelling place of the others and grow accustomed to seeing in the dark. When you are used to it, you’ll see vastly better than the people there. And because you’ve seen the truth about fine, just, and good things, you’ll know each image for what it is and also that of which is the image” (Plato, 192). This quote comes from Socrates, speaking about the cave allegory and what the founders will tell the philosopher kings. When analyzing the quote, it can be inferred that Socrates is truly saying that the philosopher kings must live like the rest of the population of Kallipolis, not above them as elite rulers. He is also emphasizing the fact that since they are better educated than the rest of the population, the philosopher kings must guide the citizens of Kallipolis, for only the philosopher kings will know what is just and
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