Sell Petroleum Case Study

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objective of trading with America and Africa respectively. These were the predecessors of the modern Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Since World War II, the scopes of multinational corporations have grown and spread with phenomenal speed. The international petroleum industry, however, predates these more recent developments. There is a difference of opinion over the definition of a multinational, trans-national and international corporation. It has various names like direct investment, international business, international firm, international corporate group, the multinational family group, worldwide enterprise, global companies, ultra-national companies and so on. However all Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) keep their headquarters in one country and build factories, manufacture and sell their products simultaneously in different countries.
Nigeria is Africa’s most populated nation and the richest country on the African continent. It has attracted a larger
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The purpose of this paper however is to carry out critical assessment of the activities of SHELL Petroleum one of the most popular multinational corporations in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria with the view to determine as well as measure this hazards produced by the Multinational Corporations against the people development programs and policies that they embark on such as scholarships. This study will also investigate how the activities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria have contributed to a huge level of environmental degradation that has impacted negatively on the peoples of the region. The two major aspects that will be discussed in this paper are oil spillage and gas

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