Selling The Slave Child In Frederick Douglas's Narrative

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The Douglass’s Narrative reveals very many things about the lives of the American slaves. The lives of the slaves were very hard. They were treated unfairly treated. American slave women were used for giving birth and having kids against their will. As soon as the slave child was born, they would sell the slave child. The slave owner’s reason for selling the slave child was because it was more than likely their child. Slave owners did not want to see their child being whipped so they would sell it to another slave owner. By selling the child, the mother would never get to know her own child. Also, the child doesn't get to know it's mother. For example, in Frederick Douglass’s case, he didn't know much about his mother. He saw his mother four…show more content…
They would whip them until their backs were entirely covered in lacerations and were bloody. There wasn't a spot on their back without blood and lacerations from the whip. Frederick Douglas ran from Mr. Covey because he thought he was being treated unfairly. Douglas went to his master to complain about his treatment from Mr. Covey. Douglas’s master said, that he probably deserved it.(p. 86) Sandy told Douglas that if he holds a root on his person, on the right side of his body, he will never be whipped again.(p87) Douglas believes that this would not work. Douglas said what harm could it do. Douglas decided to get a root and hold it on his right side. After he carried the root, he was never whipped again. A few days after he returned to working, Mr. Covey who whipped him in the past, tried to grab him by the throat and kicked him in the ribs. Mr. Covey called for help, another guard came running to help restrain Douglas. Douglas also fought bought back against Hughes. Douglas expected he was going to get whipped more for hitting a white man. He did not get whipped. Mr. Covey said, that I had not resisted, he would not have whipped me half so much.(p. 88) Douglas spent six months with him and was never
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