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On December, 25th 2014, a wonderful and meaningful movie came to the theater, and its name is "Selma". The plot of the movie is built from an unforgettable historic event that changed the whole world, especially the life of minority ethnics among the United States. Under the hand of director Ava DuVernay, the movie takes audiences back to the year of 1965 to live once with one of the most meaningful marches of the world. As mentioned, the movie is a great “throwback” that takes audiences back to Selma, Alabama in 1965, to be a part of the Civil Right Movement's march. This march was the key point that led to the decision of signing the Voting Right Acts 1965 under president Lyndon Baines Johnson. Moreover, the march was an expression of the…show more content…
Everything started to be tightened after the night of 18 February 1965, when the state troopers of Alabama suppress a peaceful march in Marion. During the suppression, an Alabama state trooper intentionally, in my opinion, shot Jimmie Lee Jackson when he tried to protect his mother from the violence of the state troopers. At the funeral of Jimmie L. Jackson, Doctor King mentioned in his speech that, “He was murdered by the brutality of every sheriff who practices lawlessness in the name of law. He was murdered by the irresponsibility of every politician, from governors on down, who has fed his constituents the stale bread of hatred and the spoiled meat of racism. He was murdered by the timidity of a federal government that can spend millions of dollars a day to keep troops in South Vietnam and cannot protect the rights of its own citizens seeking the right to vote. He was murdered by the indifference of every white minister of the gospel who has remained silent behind the safe security of his stained-glass windows. And he was murdered by the cowardice of every Negro who passively accepts the evils of segregation and stands on the sidelines in the struggle for justice” (Selma). And Jackson’s death is the most important material that created the march from Selma to Alabama State’s capital in Montgomery on the day of 7 March 1965. This march is one of the key point of the whole campaign, as…show more content…
The media named this event as Bloody Sunday because of the marchers were chased and barbarically attacked by the troopers and police by clubs and tear gas. It triggered the outrage all over the nation. And by the call of Doctor Martin Luther King, many people included white and colors from many of the states came to join another march that led by himself on March 9th. The march was returned peacefully. However, on the night of the same day, James Reeb, a white minister that came from another state to join Doctor King march, was attacked to death. James Reeb's death created the second outrage and concern among the country. That led to the final march on 21 March, and to the victory of the Civil Right
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