Essay On The Movie Selma

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Maria Ahmed 7th Period The movie Selma details Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight in the 1960s. More specifically the movie depicts the voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery. The blacks already the voting rights but because of laws like Jim Crowe segregation laws they were denied when registering to vote. The movie shows also what paved the way to the Civil Rights Act. Selma is very historically accurate in its portrayal of the people involved in the movement, the events shown in the movie, and even the small details of what happened during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. Selma proves its historical accuracy in its portrayal of the people involved in the movement. In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to Annie Lee Cooper,…show more content…
Next in the movie we see the first march in Selma to the courthouse protesting against voting discrimination. The courthouse march led to King being arrested along with a lot of other marchers. Months later we see another protest, which heads violent resulting in a death in the end. After a heated discussion with Johnson, King decides to organize a march from Selma to Montgomery fighting for some change, but King isn’t able to participate in the march due to problems with his marriage. This march will become known as Bloody Sunday...because of the violent attack that took place on blacks by the police (Wallenfeldt). This march was watched by millions of Americans and through this march, many whites saw just how cruel the blacks were treated. King organized another march on the same bridge that Bloody Sunday took place, and in this march hundreds of whites traveled to Selma to participate in the march. Another example of the movie portraying history right is when we see Johnson giving his famous “we shall overcome” speech, when confirming the equality between black and
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