Selma Riots

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One historic example of racial bias in the police force is Dr.King 's march from Selma. In Marion, Alabama on February 18, a group of peaceful demonstrators were attacked by white segregationists. During this attack one of the younger demonstrators, Jimmie Lee Jackson, was killed by a state trooper. In response, Dr Martin Luther King led a 54 mile march early in 1965 in Montgomery, Alabama from Selma that lasted five days to the capital where many oppressed black citizens had been campaigning for voting rights including, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). On Sunday, March 7, 1965 protesters got ready to go to Montgomery but Alabama state police officers with weapons…show more content…
Because police brutality has increased to such extremes, misconduct has had many impacts on society and the law. Currently, there is great mistrust between citizens and police departments. Just as the King attacking caused riots in the L.A community, the recent brutality reports have caused major issues in cities nationwide. Some of these reports include the 1999, Amadou Diallo case when he came home from work and was shot at 41 times by the police and died. There was also the Eric Garner quandary in 2014 who was choked to death by police.Also, there was the John Crawford accident in 2014 who was on the phone with his mother of his kids when he was shot and killed by police for being suspected as a dangerous shooter. These incidents have led to very damaging riots like the one in Ferguson, Missouri because Michael Brown was shot and killed after bullying a store clerk. A much more recent episode of rioting took place in Baltimore, Maryland after the death of Freddie Gray who was manhandled and not given medical assistance after being brutalized. During one account where an officer attacked a black man, the department stated that it had nothing to do with race but the man feels differently. Across the nation and all over social media many have given their opinions about these issues with the majority saying that the government really needs to step in and help the situation. And that is just what they 've been trying to
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