English Second Language Essay

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION In this chapter, the researcher would like to present several points, there are background of the study, statements of the problem, objectives of the study, hypotheses of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, and definition of key terms. 1.1 Background of the Study Language is crucial part of humans’ life in order to communicate with another. Understanding the meaning of language especially English which is not our own language is more difficult. Students should understand the meaning of the sentences when they learn or communicate each other without change the message of communication itself. However, learning language by using some methods, techniques, and strategies is more helpful to gain…show more content…
E., Pittelman, S. V.,1986). It helps students visually organize and graphically show the relationship between one piece of information and another. This strategy has been identified by researchers as an excellent strategy for increasing vocabulary and improving reading comprehension. 3) English Foreign Language Student (EFL Student) EFL student is a learner where English is not the dominant language. The teacher may be the only native English speaker they have exposure to. Outside of the classroom, students have very few opportunities to use English. The Students only use English in certain place such as school and University. 4) Reading Achievement Reading is crucial skill in learning language. Reading ability is an important tool for academic success because by reading the students can get the information and update their knowledge, reading can also increase the students’ vocabulary. Thus, reading comprehension is the reading activity which more thorough to understand the meaning, find the message of the text and reconstruct the idea of the reader. So, reading Achievement means the score of the students’ performance in reading

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