Semantic Memory-Personal Narrative

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I remember when my sister and I went to Miami this summer. I can remember the exact time and date we went there for her birthday. This information is recalled in my semantic memory. We also went with some friends, and we had a great time. When we were in the airport, we were waiting to board the plane, and in the meantime I decided to make a phone call. My sister was sitting in front of me, and she stood up to go to the restroom for a moment. In fact, I was very distracted looking at the phone that I did not even noticed she was gone for a second. This happened because my inattentional blindness was active. When we were inside the plane, I realized that my seat was the one next to the window. Personally, I do not like sitting by the window…show more content…
I knew I had to get my carry-on bag that was in the overhead bin. I was controlled processing this information, because I was aware of getting my bag, and I knew that was the only thing I had to do at the moment. Finally, we arrived to the hotel. Once we get there, we started doing the check-in process, and the person doing the check-in was explaining us all the things we needed to know about the hotel for the days we were staying. While the person was talking and we were listening, there was a baby crying behind us and all my attentional capture went to the baby. However, I had to ask them to repeat the things they were explaining one more time because I got distracted. Then, they gave us our room number written on a piece of paper. Even though it was written, I tried to remember the 4 digits until we got to our room by repeating them in my head. That is to say that I was using the phonological loop in my working memory. After we were all set up, we went around to see the hotel. During this time, the visuospatial sketchpad was active in my working memory, because I was capturing every place I found interesting in the hotel. For instance, the pool, the beach or the lobby. These were places I knew we were going to be constantly
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