Semantic Rules In Communication

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1. A language is a group of symbols with rules which carry messages between people.
Language is rule-governed:
Phonological rules: It's how words when people enunciate them out loud. There are words which can be same in two languages, however, can sound very different by two natives.
Syntactic rules: They play the role of foundation like how the sentence should be structured. For example, it could grammar, or vowel use in a sentence.
Semantic rules: This is the most important rule of language to govern because it gives the word a specific meaning. This way words can be used by most people. Yet, when these rules are used well like people misuse the word or overuse it. It affects the communication.
Pragmatic rules: This governs how people interact or communicate on the everyday basis. These rules applied differently to different circumstances. For example, when manage comments on the sales person look. It could offend the sales person. It really depends on how an individual feels.

2. It's actually very surprising, but semantic is where we have a lot of misunderstanding with language . It's how words are used and as how others understand them too. Someone may misinterpret what they have been told or read. Because this happens on a daily basis. This equivocal language can be humiliating and uncomfortable. When the
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Task oriented listening intently is to understand the information so you can make A on the test. One or two of these guidelines can be very helpful to have a good listening habit. The importance of having an interest in conversations plays a key role. If you are listening to, be knowledge of the information, it can be good to build a defense. If someone actually wants to learn, they will ask a lot of questions till they grasp the information. It's been said if you want to check yourself, explain the information to a fellow student. This help you know if you have understood the information. write down the important material to review it
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